Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Guy was Great!

Who does not love this guy right now? Well maybe not a lot of people since he hasn’t been relevant since Predator came out in 1987. That’s Dillon’s character played by Carl Weathers in the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster hit, Predator. Thought it was Kony, head of the LRA? Some readers may have thought so. It’s pretty sad, but it appears my generation has so much Internet overload that they think by just clicking “like” on a Facebook post, or writing a comment, they are doing something to help US foreign relations with abusive regimes. This is a term a recently learned as “slactivism,” and it is a problem within the Internet community. I wonder how many people watched the entire 30-minute video or even checked to find out where Uganda was located before they posted or liked the same link. It’s important to share news and spread information, which the Internet is a very good tool for. However, by clicking “like” or simply reposting, we are slowly becoming a generation of “slactivists.” How will liking a post help the young girls who were kidnapped and turned into sex slaves? I understand the human compassion component, but my argument is if you really feel the need to help out and stop an abusive power, why do you think sharing the same video to your friends, who shared the same video with you, will help? Do you honestly think you’re becoming an activist by clicking like? I think spreading ideas and news is important, but I don’t think reposting is equivalent to volunteering or overthrowing. Let’s not get it twisted.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Sick of This Sheep!

As any red-blooded American girl, I admit that I love to shop. Nothing tickles my fancy more than a stroll through a packed mall fishing out sales and fashion. But as I walked through the mall one day with a friend, I halted before following her into an Urban Outfitters…she looked back and said, “I want to check some things out in here.” To which I replied, “no you don’t.” After giving me a quizzical look she had to wonder what my beef was with the hip store geared towards youth culture. Who wouldn’t like a fun colorful store packed with hipster fashion, fun books, groovy apartment furnishings and ironic glassware? You would imagine this “Free People’s Store” would be any late teen to early 20-something person’s dream destination. And it is, if you follow blindly and regret to realize that once a liberal owner, Richard Hayne, has now transitioned to the conservative capitalist and even funded political campaigns for Rick Santorum. Now I try to stay clear of any political bashing because that can be a dirty game, but when a company funds a politician who openly hates gays, wants to take away women’s rights, and prefers to spread his strong Christian ideals on an entire nation, the same nation who once freed itself from religious persecution, then there can be a slight upset among the people. The problem is that this is not where my beef ends, not only did Urban Outfitters pull pro-gay marriage t-shirts from their shelves, but they were quick to sell “voting is for old people” shirts to strengthen the unimportance of a youth vote. A youth vote who tends to lean more towards a liberal agenda. “But their stuff is so cool” you may think…this is true, but can you call it “their” stuff after countless lawsuits have been made by independent artists who have had their work and designs stolen by Urban Outfitters with no credit to the artist? So there goes my beef that I explained in about 2 minutes to my friend. It may not have made an impact, but at least knowing a deeper side may help someone formulate their own opinion. Until we catch up again! Peace, love and happy shopping to all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Facebook Makes Me Depressed

I am extremely close to starting a petition where a disclaimer must be used before signing in to your Facebook. Facebook is not the safe place you use to love! It has become a cold, mean, sad, backstabbing and depressing world that you must conquer alone in the depths of your computer with nothing but a shot of vodka to keep you company. This may not be the case for everyone, but everyone can blame the social network for causing you the tiniest bit of depression. Maybe? Do you notice only great photos, good times, and uniting with lovers are the only things people post on their walls? And you can choose to “comment” or “like.” Do you notice the absence of a “dislike” button is because it goes against the first rule of Facebook, there will be no disliking! No negativity! Sure everyone can post the fun party pics, but I want to see you the next day when you’re hung over and driving the ceramic bus. Why only post the happy things going on in your life? My only hope is that maybe Google+ will answer our prayers and slay the nauseatingly optimistic Facebook. I will keep my fingers crossed! Until then, if anyone posts one more engagement ring, exotic vacation, promotion, brand new baby, wedding party, or anniversary photos…I will delete you. May the misanthropes unite on Google+ and share a funny self-deprecating story or enlightening ideas…not a 5-minute video of their kitten taking a nap.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sniff Your Veggies

Sometimes eating your vegetables can be such a daunting task. Don’t you wish a company would come around and make eating vegetables easier? You know, taking away the whole cooking, seasoning, cutting, tasting, chewing and swallowing aspect? If you believe this question rings true to your opinions, then you’re in luck. Bubble Foods has come up with a powdered asparagus product you snort up your nose like cocaine. You get all the vitamins with no actions of consumption or actually having to taste it. How great is that? No word yet on whether or not the powdery-snortable asparagus makes your pee smell.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Tale of Superstition

Superstition is a bitch. Forget it, superstition isn’t a bitch…it’s a nagging mother that makes you feel guilty…you BETTER do this or else…or else your team will lose, or else you won’t get that promotion, or else you will get 4-7 years of bad luck! We try to ignore our superstitious tendencies, but for some reason they nag at us until we feel we need to sit in the same position while watching that game or forward that last email of the hugging kittens just because. Why do we give in? I guess the answer to that question is YOU NEVER KNOW! Who knows what your aura brings to the universe in the grand scheme of things. It could be because of your stinky socks that the Marlins have won 3 games in a row (disclaimer: currently the Marlins have not won 3 games in a row). This intro does have a story by the way, and I am not just rambling on. My mom has had a set of 3 Miami Heat helium balloons since March. She originally bought them at Party City for my little brother’s birthday. While she was in line buying the balloons someone (this is where the story gets good) tells her she can come back to Party City to refill the balloons with helium as many times as she wants to…for free just as long as she brings in her receipt. She was ecstatic! Needless to say she has been going back to Party City to refill those Miami Heat helium balloons for the past several games with the belief that as long as there is air in those balloons, there will be a long and prosperous season for the Miami Heat. Now, the receipt that was once fresh and crisp is now faded and tattered, but its value is still of importance. No one paid any attention to her crazy superstitious theory until the Miami Heat lost their second game to the Dallas Mavericks in what should have been a definite win. All eyes looked towards the balloons in the corner of the room who’s appearance looked as deflated as Lebron James’ ego in the post game interviews. From then on it has been my mother’s sole duty to maintain air and buoyancy in the Miami Heat balloons. Fresh balloons = A Heat win. Sunday night was game 3 and it was 5:45PM. The countdown to the game had begun, until we realized the balloons were still deflated. Mom went into panic mode and made it apparent that we HAD to get to Party City before 6PM, their closing time, in order to refill the balloons with helium. We pulled into the parking lot at 5:56PM. The game plan was for me to take the balloons to get the refill and she would go to Publix, we needed milk. We were to meet back at the car in 5 minutes. Every thing was going according to plan until Party City had locked their doors. I banged on the door and got the attention of the 16-year-old attendant. She opened the door and asked, “what is it that you need?” I explained how important it was that I get these Heat balloons filled with air because if not they WILL lose. I’m sure I amused her since she let me in. I handed my balloons over for the refill and one of the attendants said, “you know you remind me of this crazy lady that comes in here every game to fill up her balloons.” I confessed that was my mother and he looked sheepish. But who IS the crazy one? They won on Sunday night and the balloons were filled with helium!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Calming Effect of Destruction

Here's a story of how and why I find the image above to be peaceful and calming. A friend of mine showed me this link to the aftermath of the Hiroshima atomic blast that happened about 70 years ago. No one was allowed to take photos of the resulting terror except for the US Strategic Bombing Survey team. Years later these photos were found in a suitcase in a pile of trash. What my friend had said initially was “Beautiful, serene and calming isn’t it?” I couldn’t believe anything like that would be so beautiful. All I saw was a man-made monstrosity. This is not the aftermath of an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane. Humans did this. I told him this isn’t calming or serene…a deserted island or beach is calming…this is horrific! But then my friend’s words forced me to look at the photos again, and I did see how this could be calming. As a human race we aren’t predators. In a one-on-one battle with a species higher on the food chain, our chances of surviving are very slim. This is why being amidst destruction can be calming, even more calming than on a deserted island. You never know what may be lurking around on a deserted island, so instincts may have you on defense. On the other hand if you are surrounded by destruction, there’s really a slim chance of anything surviving and attacking you. Unless you’re starring in a Hollywood blockbuster and a village of mutant humans living in the empty gas station are attacking and feeding off human flesh. So it would make sense that this could be more calming. Take look and let me know what you think. http://flavorwire.com/183447/view-once-classified-photos-of-ground-zero-hiroshima

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hot days, popsicles and sprinklers. Summer is here! It used to be a happy time, a time of vacationing and relaxation. Sitting out by the pool and enjoying freedom with my friends were consistent activities that filled an empty schedule. I lose that sense of joy that summer brings now that my seasons are no longer defined by school vacationing schedules, but the intensity of heat that I feel whenever I step out of the office for my lunch break. I just curse the hot weather that turns my car into a temporary incinerator. It’s a sad realization that I’m sucked into a cycle of waking, working, and sleeping until the next weekend comes along. So I’ve concocted a common cure to the summer vacation withdrawal for those of us who are now in the working world with a couple of summertime items that may help with the summertime blues in the workplace. I’m embracing the clear acrylic poolside cup. Nothing screams summer like an acrylic cup filled to the top with ice and a straw and some juice. I’m also thinking about draping my desk chair with a beach towel, surrounding my area with sand, and using SPF lotion scented with coconut oil instead of regular body lotion. I’ve opted to leave the beach umbrella at home considering people around my area may be a little superstitious with an open umbrella indoors, very thoughtful on my part. I’m also compiling a “mixtape” of summer jams that I would rock out to as a youngster with Fresh Prince’s and Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” being number one. Which brings me to the question of the day…why do we still call them mixtapes and sextapes? Should we not think of something new considering my 14 year-old brother doesn’t even know what a “tape” is? Maybe mixes? Or files? Or zips as in a zipfile? My “mixzip” or her “sexzip” sounds appealing…no?